Vancouver at night

Here are couple of photos of the night scenes in Vancouver. This is a city with lots f contrasts. Along with dirty dusty concrete allays there are beautiful parks, water views and incredible architecture pieces. Another big contrast of the city is its day beauty and calmness that is followed by colourful night vibe of Yaletown restaurants, pubs and Granville Street clubs.  

On April 21, 2012 me and my husband decided to go for a nigh walk with the camera and tripod. It’s not hard to take such photos but every time is amazing what you can get, how colours and lights will be reflected in the water, would it be a clear sky with tons of stars and the Moon and if you could catch them as well. This exact night was a little cloudy so there was no moon or stars but still the views of renovated Science World, BC Place and English Bay are totally stunning. Should admit that was a pretty romantic walk, came back home almost at midnight tired but happy.

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Glamorous Boudoir

Another gorgeous girl and beautiful boudoir photo shoot done by Zodiac Photography. 

What is interesting is that even we are using same settings and interior all photos are different for every client as all ladies have their own individual image, style and character.

 That’s why I love taking those boudoir photos as they allow to capture those intimate moments of a woman being herself when she is happy or sad, dreaming of the future, doing make up, getting a bubble bath after a stressful day at work,  or getting ready for a date.

In a Baunty World

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